About me

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Complex Networks team at LIP6 - Sorbonne University under the supervision of Matthieu Latapy . Previously, I have been a research engineer at ADERA conducting R&D activities in an industry-academia project. I also served as a teaching and research assistant (ATER) respectively at Nantes University and La Rochelle University. I obtained my PHD from La Rochelle University in July 2021 with Jean-Loup Guillaume as supervisor.

My research covers various themes but focuses on analyzing digital traces using complex network approaches. Currently, I am working on fraud detection in financial transactions. During my PHD I worked on the analysis of network-constrained trajectories. These are ordered sequences of locations (GPS coordinates, web pages, etc.) which describe movements taking place along a mobility or communication network (road network, internet). Apart from analyzing digital traces, I am also interested in multi-agent systems and natural language processing.



Synchronizing Histories of Exposure and Demography: The Construction of an Agent-Based Model of the Ecuadorian Amazon Colonization and Exposure to Oil Pollution Hazards.
N.L.J. Houssou, J.D. Cordero, A. Bouadjio-Boulic, L. Morin, N. Maestripieri, S. Ferrant, M. Belem, J.I. Pelaez Sanchez, M. Saenz, E. Lerigoleur, A. Elger, B. Gaudou, L. Maurice, M. Saqalli. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (2019). doi: 10.18564/jasss.3957.

International conferences

Comparing Marketing and Computer-Based Methods for Evaluating Online Reviews.
N.L.J. Houssou, J. Lallement, M. Coustaty, L. Béal. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2023, (p. 261).

Edit distance with Quasi Real Penalties: a hybrid distance for network-constrained trajectories.
N.L.J. Houssou, J.-L. Guillaume, A. Prigent. In 2022 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW) (pp. 1045- 1053).

A graph based approach for functional urban areas delineation.
N.L.J. Houssou, J.-L. Guillaume, A. Prigent. In Proceedings of the 34rd Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2019, Limassol, Cyprus.

National conferences

Une approche basée graphes pour la détection de zones fonctionnelles urbaines.
N.L.J. Houssou, J.-L. Guillaume, A. Prigent. 19ème conférence Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances, EGC 2019, METZ, France.(Nominé pour le prix du meilleur article applicatif.)

Review and comparison of similarity measures and community detection algorithm for clustering of network constrained trajectories.
N.L.J. Houssou, J.-L. Guillaume, A. Prigent. 8ème conférence Modèles et Analyses Réseau : Approches Mathématiques et Informatique, Marami 2017, La Rochelle, France.


2020-2021 - ATER - Nantes University

Part-time (2017 - 2019) and ATER (2019 - 2020) - La Rochelle University

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